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JALOPY HEART | new and used poems

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“It’s a clunker, But it’ll take you anywhere you want to go. Needs alignment. One owner. Used Heart for Sale”

~ Toni Renee, poet

Jalopy Heart is a collection of poems, new & slightly used, by poet Dustin Botta. Botta’s poetry seethes with love, loss, and survival. His poems gut-wrenchingly tell stories about how a heart can take a beating


screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-10-34-30-pmGHOST SHIPS

Wake, beauty. You are
So loved. Rise.
And shine brighter
Than the sun.

In his latest collection, Ghost Ships, Dustin Botta explores the variations of longing and love. He creates the yearning, complex, and at times implosive elements of distance and timewarp in love, contrasted by the closeness and richness of intimacy. Dustin utilizes threads of various metaphors to illustrate these complexities: treasure hunting, cosmic forces, ancient legends, and even blues & jazz. Woven together, intersecting metaphors become a synergistic mooring line of Ghost Ships.

Highlights include: Le Mystique, A Gift, Whole Again, and The Message.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.35.49 PMSHE THE IMPOSSIBLE THING

She the Impossible Thing is a collection of poems that examines the heart as dissected in his poem Damned Elixir. The poems in Calliope illustrate the devout, adoring love of a father for his daughter. The poems in Sylvia explore lament and scorn from heartbreak. The poems in Felicity express hopefulness and ardency at the prospect of new love. Together, the three sections represent a composite trifecta of love. Emotion-packed, these sensational poems offer a sapient voyage through the complexities of the heart.

Highlights include: Le Souvenir, Blue Firebird, Damned Elixir, and Athene Noctua.

Playing Mad coverPLAYING MAD

Playing Mad is a collection of poems that explores and challenges various aspects of madness and mental anguish using powerful imagery, rich vulnerability, raw edginess, and humor to illuminate various perspectives on sanity.

Highlights include: Mosaic & Glue, Lollygagging, Behind the Looking Glass, and The Ghosts Must be Real.



OraclesAndBlabbermouths_ecoverORACLES & BLABBERMOUTHS

Oracles & Blabbermouths is a collection of fifty poems written from 1993-2013. Dustin’s poetry is brooding and moving. His voice is authentic and captivating, distinct and relevant, vintage yet contemporary.

Highlights include: Doomsday Waves, Beneath a Winter Downing, Amplify, Death by Sea, Oracles & Blabbermouths, and Then Sing the Music.