I am  super excited to have been selected PaperFields Press’ Poet of the Month for January.

Have a look, they are doing great things over there.

It is PFP’s pleasure to introduce our January Poet of the MonthDustin Botta.

Le Souvenir is the first of 3 poems to be featured this month and Dustin has given us the added bonus of an audio clip to savour this week.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.57.07 PM

PaperFields Press is a royalty-paying small press founded in 2014, and based in Australia.


To introduce a new breed of poets to a new audience.

We want to publish the type of poetry (and poets) that mainstream publishers reject, and we believe that there is a bigger poetry market yet to be discovered.


You won’t impress us with publication credits, graduate degrees, and awards. But you will impress us with poetry that communicates, resonates, provokes, and is capable of triggering a deep emotional response. Forget pretentious and contrived. We want creative, distinctive voices who turn life into lyrics.