I need to start again

Turn over

Like the choked ignition

Of a stalled sapphire beauty.


Cigarette burnholes in snakeskin

Wobbly window cranks

Miracles in frigid morning air.

Forehead rests rigid


A prayer reflects off

The dingy dashboard

“Come on, baby.

Come on.”


Like an amen wound across

The odometer dial.

The check engine light yellow.

The maintenance light orange.


Miles yet from garage and

Balding tires on black ice.

I am not broken down.

I am not done.



Plume of white smoke

An angel’s voice in

Fiery red blackberry brambles


Shift swept from neutral

To drive and

Off we go

Lazarus and I



Screaming down a deserted expressway

A firebird alive, unleashed, unbeaten.

The voice you heard was


Not the death rattle was

Not the last call was

But the first wail



Expulsed amniotic

Propelled like a newborn comet

Left traces of cosmic frost

And lightening stuff