Beneath a Winter Downing

The frost melts away in morning

A little after dawn

The silver streaks turn droplet

Then soak into the ground

The blades are still green, though

A few have started browning

And gradually drift to hibernate

Beneath a winter downing

The blanket is warm underneath

It incubates like covers

The grasses sleep and radiate

Like babe embraced by mother

The roots reach out and cultivate

Suckle vital nourishment

For when belovéd spring arrives

Just to bloom to live again

Yellowed blades will green over

Rejuvenate to vibrant

Air themselves in summer breeze

Fanning antique scent

Until the silver streaks return

When few have started crowning

And drift once more to hibernate

Beneath a winter downing


from Oracles & Blabbermouths (C) Dustin Botta 2014