“The following elder is a woman in boots.

Her heels dangling over the side,

her gypsy skirt billows (she’s not wearing bloomers!)

the lady in the bucket

barks at her driver,

“Faster! Faster!”

because she is very very late.

It is, by far, the weirdest race I have seen.

A parade of elders,

and the younger ones, some by many years,

drive them on,

like the elders do the clydesdales,

oblivious to where they go.

They are all rather sullen –

The passengers, maybe they do know

where they’re off to.

Just a tickle in the belly,

Doped up, dysphoric with dramamine.”


Comstock’s Covered Bridge (East Hampton, CT)

Throughout certain poems in Playing MadI use references, sometimes veiled and other times overt, to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Here, obviously, is reference to the white rabbit.  I recently purchased the 150th anniversary edition, largely for it’s fantastic artwork. The book was $9 – which made me both happy and sad.

There is a certain famous poem, I believe by Robert Frost, about this bridge – though I can’t recall the title.